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for the crown you never take off

Babe Formula is your hair's new best friend. All our hair potions are infused with rich-for-you ingredients guaranteed to make your hair soft, smooth and shiny. We especially crafted our products to suit all hair types so you can rock your inner babe all-day everyday!

Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 11.02.12

If you're into velvet flowery fragrances, this set is perfect for you! these babes boast of hydrolyzed keratin and double-moisturizing action that feels oh so light  and oh so right it would be a crime not to let your hair down!

blossom shampoo
and conditioner
gleam daily hair spray

Frizz no more! Tame those tresses

with a few spritz of this hair spray! Guaranteed to resist humidity, add shine to your hair and hold for a silky, lustrous feel you can't get your hands off!

nectar shampoo
and conditioner

You like sweets? You won't get enough of nectar's rich, sacharine scent! It's like treating your hair with candy -- only difference is, this one's perfectly healthy

-- for your hair, that is!

How's it going with your Babe hair care routine so far? Slide into our DMs and send us some #babefeedback! Your inputs matter to us!

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