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hey babe! welcome to babe formula!

Here, we create products that prioritize your haircare routine. From our shampoo and conditioner sets down to our hair shine sprays, we keep your hair goals in mind and take them to heart. With quality hair potions and eye-candy designs, we want to make sure that our products earn their rightful place in your bathroom shelf. 


Babe Formula’s story began on November 21, 2019 with the belief that every person deserves babe-worthy hair. Our products work to keep those hair nutrients in so your confidence can come out as you flaunt healthy, shiny and oh-so fragrant hair! We believe that beauty should be stress-free, light and fun, wherever you are in your journey.


Babe Formula also came with a dream that people can share about our products AND earn extra from it while having fun. We want to empower you to take control and be your own #bossBabe with something you’re passionate about, so don’t be shy to drop us a message if you’re interested to be in the Babe Resellers Club.


Great to meet you, fellow babe! Feel free to take a look around, check out our products, see them in action and let us know your thoughts. Ciao!

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Wanna share some full-on Babe love?

Here at Babe, we love smothering you with endless perks: early access to promotions, fab freebies, an unlimited source of hair care tips and advice from your fellow Babes and healthy, great-looking hair, of course!

Quality Policy

Babe Beauty and Wellness Products, a trading company is committed to delivering more hair and body care products and variants, collaboration with other brands and developing website for stockists with real time order trackers and resellers directory which meets the needs and expectation of our customers and other interested parties, with adherence to all applicable requirements including its commitment to the effectiveness and continual improvement of the Quality Management System

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