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Hi there, babe! Get on board 👋

Join Babe Insiders Club, our exclusive affiliate and loyalty program that celebrates and rewards our most dedicated babes. It's completely free to join, but you need to be approved first. 😉 Once you're in, you'll receive free monthly products, earn exciting incentives, and gain early access to our newest releases. Plus, you’ll have the chance to participate in both online and offline events!

Join a vibrant community of creators and beauty enthusiasts who love showcasing their hair journey with Babe Formula products!

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Anyone can apply, but approval is required.


Must be passionate about creating content and active on social media platforms.


No ghosting! Active participation is a must.


Must engage with Babe-related posts from Main Babe and Babe Formula.

Unlock Babe Perks as You Level Up! ✊

Level 1: Moonbeam 🌙✨

Products Provided: Start your journey with our Babe Moonbeam Daily Hair Spray.

Content Creation: Create and share at least 3 engaging posts featuring Babe Moonbeam.

Social Engagement: Actively support and engage with content from Main Babe.

Submission: Submit links to your content for review via the provided Google Sheet.

Reward: Eligibility for upgrade to LEVEL 2 upon approval of your content.

Excited? Fill out the form below to get started! 📝 

Babe Insiders Club Form

Have you tried Babe Formula products?
Haven't Tried Yet
If yes, what products have you tried?
If accepted, where will you be active in posting about Babe Formula?
How frequently do you post on social media?
Do you have any current collaborations or partnerships with other brands?
Would you be interested in participating in Babe Formula events or promotions?
Are you open to receiving feedback and improving your content as an affiliate?

View Content Standards & Terms

Do you agree to adhere to the Babe Insiders Club Content Standards & Terms?
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